Four key elements to Energy Efficiency at Korwall Industries, Inc.


We start with the SIP itself, made of highly insulating expanded polystyrene (foam) bonded to OSB (oriented strand board) made from fast growing renewable trees. Korwall SIPS are the most energy efficient way to construct your home or building by cutting your energy costs in half.


Build times are quicker and more efficient than a standard stick built home. We can start manufacturing the panels for your home before the foundation is poured, cutting out down time in your construction schedule, which saves you money.


Korwall is known for rigorous quality control measures that are unsurpassed in the industry. When your Korwall SIPS arrive on site we are fully confident in the quality craftsmanship that has been applied to your SIPS. What does that mean? This means that your panels will fit exactly the way they are supposed to according to the plan, no cutting panels on site, no recessing foam on site, no installing lumber on site. These processes are all in done in our Factory.

Customer Service

We pride ourselves in being a family owned and operated business offering you the customer the experience of being our first priority, no matter how big or small your project might be.

Want to take advantage of Korwall’s Energy Efficient Building Material? Contact us today and we will walk you through our 8 Step Process.

1 Contact us by filling out our contact form or call us directly at 817-277-6741.


2 Send us your Plans in (D) size or 24”x36” [PDF or DWG]. If you don’t have plans for your project, we have options for you on our links page.


3 After we receive your plans, we will review and quote your Panel Package free of charge.


4 After you have approved the quote, we can begin to prepare your project. We do require a deposit to start our production process and the faster a deposit is received, the sooner we can begin.


5 Our drafting process begins immediately after the deposit. Our drafting department will work closely with you to ensure you receive the exact SIP Panel Package you need.


6 After the drafting process is complete and all draft designs have been approved by you, we will construct your SIP Panel Package.


7 Once your SIP Panel Package has been completed, the remaining balance is due before it can be shipped.


8 We will ship your SIP Panel Package for the agreed upon delivery date for you to start your project.