Korwall Industries opened in 1962 as a family owned and operated business supplying structural panels to commercial markets. We began building structural panels for the mobile home and recreational vehicle and used different materials with the same quality and attention to detail. In 1973 we wanted to improve our product and create a more energy efficient for our customers. We began using Expanded Polystyrene Sandwich Panels made from ⅜” waferboard skins and the EPS for structural panels that are 8’ wide and 24’ long with no seams.

In 1979, Korwall Industries was hurt by the energy crisis and decided to expand out of the mobile home and recreational vehicle industry. The energy efficiency and ease of use would be perfect for the housing market, so steps were taken to move into house construction. This move proved to be difficult until 1984, when we built our own testing facility. The testing facility allowed for our product to be tested on site and sent for certification to the Council of American Building Officials (CABO).

Gaining the certification by CABO has allowed us to build low-cost energy efficient houses for anyone looking to save money. We have clients with average sized homes to clients with very large homes. One of our first large homes was an 11,000 sq. ft two story home with 11 bedrooms, 8 bathrooms, 2 kitchens, 2 courtyards, a movie theater, and expansive living rooms. There were also archways, large ellipse windows, and huge entry-way doors. The entire project was a challenge that we met and delivered on time.

After 44 years, we are finally gaining recognition and attention from home builders and architects. We look forward to growing our business in the home building market as well as commercial construction and doing our part in the energy conservation department.


Stan Dimmick

Korwall Industries, Inc.