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Korwall Foam Core Panels are structural building components made with two layers of wafer board laminated under pressure to a core of expanded polystyrene (foam).

Mold-Free With Korwall’s Rules of Erection!

We are the manufacturers of sandwich panels. These panels are so named Korwall, Korfloor, and Kor-Roof. There is a large variety of skins and core that are used and the sizes range from 8′ X 24′ -0 to 4′ X 8 with multiple thickness of core and skins.

These panels are engineered and tested for use in all types of building systems within their design limitations. We will furnish all the test reports and the design criteria to any licensed architect or professional engineer. We are not responsible for over design by non-professionals.

Our Company warrants the bond on the panels for a lifetime, and will replace or cause to be replaced any panels that delaminate except where the panels are over designed or subject to excessive moisture or abuse.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at any time.

Four Steps to Energy Efficiency

1First we start with the SIP itself, made of highly insulating expanded polystyrene (foam) bonded to OSB (oriented strand board) made from fast growing renewable trees. Korwall SIPS are the most energy efficient way to construct your home or building by cutting your energy costs in half.

2Second, build times are quicker and more efficient than a standard stick built home we can start manufacturing the panels for your home before the slab is even poured, cutting out down time in your construction schedule, which saves you money.

3Third is quality, Korwall is known for rigorous quality control measures that are unsurpassed in the industry. When your Korwall SIPS arrive on site we are fully confident in the quality craftsmanship that has been applied to your SIPS. What does that mean? This means that your panels will fit exactly the way they are supposed to according to the plan, no cutting panels on site, no recessing foam on site, no installing lumber on site. These processes are all in done in our Factory.

4Fourth is customer service. We pride ourselves in being a family owned and operated business offering you the customer the experience of being our first priority, no matter how big or small your project might be.

The History of Korwall

Korwall Industries have been building sandwich panels since 1958. In those early days we used honeycomb for core and plywood for the skins. All the volume for such new products was in the mobile home and the recreational vehicle Industry and those were our only customers for many years. Much has changed in all that time as you know. Our energy efficiency is very important and keeping cost down also. Since 1973 we have been building and marketing whereever possible the Expanded Polystyrene Sandwich Panel. Also in 1973 a waferboard plant in Minnesota started making large sheets of material in the standard thicknesses. Sandwich construction came out of the aricraft industry in the late 30’s. They took aluminum H/C and bonded very thin skins to that for a very strong, light weight, structure for wings, fuselage, bulkheads and floors. Their strength is in the H/C and not the skins. We reversed that idea and bonded our 3/8″ waferboard skins to E.P.S for structural panesl 8′ wide and 24′ long with no seams.

In 1979 the energy crises devasted the mobile home and recreational vehicle Industry and we turned to the housing market to market our product.

We found lots of built in headwind as everyone does who has something new and better to offer. We found that we couldn’t just build panels in volume for a low price. We had to design and build the whole house and then hope to sell it. We also found that the housing market was top heavy with regulations and codes. Our sandwich panel had as much of an acceptance problem as sheet rock or plastic plumbing when they were first introduced in the home building industry.

We had a display of our product at the past NAHB show in January in Dallas, Texas. We found that 90% of the people had heard of the sandwich panel construction and they were mostly builders. We spent most of our time explaining the structural benefits of the system.

In 1984, we built our own testing facility and tested our own panels for racking and shear, axial and transverse loading. We hired a professional engineer to run our test and submitted all our findings and support data to the council of American Building Officials (C.A.B.O.). This C.A.B.O. is the composite of I.C.B.O. U.B.C., B.O.C.O. and S.B.C.C. This year the B.O.C.A. is the secretariet for this group. It took a long time to satisfy all of this groups reservations about the sandwich construction, but we finally did.

It is now time to begin building low cost energy efficient houses for young newly wed and retirees. Low utility bills are also a must and our sandwich panel does all of these. An example of the cost savings for builders is that these house kits go up in two days, thus cutting you on sight labor way down. It is our opinion that all builders are going to have to have an air infilteration (or air exchange) test run on their house after they are built. You know all about the R values and how ambiguous these ratings are, but with an air exchange test the owner and the lender will know exactly how energy efficient the house is. Our system answers all of this as well.

Our know how and engineering were put to the test and in the summer of 1999 we took on a 11,000 sq. ft. dwelling for 2 families totaling 9 people in west Plano, Texas. There were 8 bath rooms, 2 kitchens, 11 bedrooms, 2 courtyards, a movie theater and much living room space. It is a two story and has a 5 car garage. It has arch ways, round and ellipse windows and huge entry way doors. Needless to say it was a real challenge to our people but we did it and made every delivery on time so as not to hold up the completion.

Our Product is just now, after 44 years, getting the attention of home buyers and architects. We look forward to a larger share of the home building market every year and doing our part in the energy conservation department.

Sincerely, Stan Dimmick, President Korwall Industries, Inc.